Indian Foot Massage

Dating as far back as centuries of Ayurvedicmedicine almost 5000 years, this unique treatment is done with a Kasa bowl and sesame or almond oil. With the client laying down on a table,marma points (energy points) on the feet and lower limb are massaged; similar to acupuncture points.   

The combination of metals in the Kasabowl (copper, tin and zinc) has a profound effect on the body's energy.Feet are cleansed on the table before and after the session


The Kasa bowl (the bowl used in the treatment) encourages 

Decrease in anxiety
Boost immune system

This is a detoxing treatment that is well suited to those who are already detoxing and the additional benefits are; relaxation, relaxes tired feet and legs, improves blood & lymphatic circulation, restores & rebalances the body's natural energy, improves joint mobility in lower limbs


The art of Indian Foot Massage, Padabhyanga, has it’s roots in Ayurveda and includes a combination of various massage techniques, Kasa bowl work and Marma Therapy.


Physical Benefits

* Relaxes the nervous system

* Balances Energy

* Increases blood and lymph circulation

* Detoxify internal organs, releases and eliminates stored wastes and toxins

* Helps restore Doshic balance

* Improves joint mobility in lower limbs

* Helps prevent sciatica


Mental Benefits

* Helps to dissipate mental tiredness, stress, anxiety and depression

   resulting in greater mental awareness

* Triggers the release of “feel good” chemical called endorphins

* Induces sound sleep